LeBron trolls hard, comes home wearing an Ultimate Warrior shirt

After a brief pitstop in Las Vegas to properly celebrate winning the first NBA championship in franchise history and the first title for a Cleveland professional sports team in 52 years, the Cleveland Cavaliers returned home to Northeast Ohio on Monday, with superstar LeBron James bringing the Larry O'Brien Trophy to more than 10,000 already-extremely-excited fans who gathered to greet the team's plane as it landed.

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When he hopped off the plane, the newly minted three-time NBA Finals MVP decided to scream rather than preach:

That's OK, though. He didn't need to actually say anything. His outfit said it all, very loudly and very clearly:

That's right, sports fans. Not only did LeBron bring back the dad hat bearing the Kermit-sipping-tea-meme, which he wore before Game 7 in a subtle shot at the Cavs responding to the Golden State Warriors' trash-talking with a 3-1 lead by ripping off two straight wins behind brilliant performances from James and Kyrie Irving. He also rocked his second WWE-themed T-shirt of the Finals, following up his "we're not dead yet and we're going to bury you"-message-sending Undertaker swag from before Game 5 with a shirt proclaiming him — ahem — the Ultimate Warrior. Get it?

This continues a very wrestling-themed celebration for the Cavs, who also saw Kevin Love follow his game-saving defensive stop on Stephen Curry by rocking an Austin 3:16 T-shirt and crushing a couple of beers "Stone Cold"-style after the game:

Like James and Draymond Green before him, Love also got off the plane wearing a WWE championship belt to commemorate his title:

... and will apparently get a brand-spankin'-new edition of the strap very soon:

While LeBron went Ultimate Warrior and Love went Stone Cold, J.R. Smith went ... um ... New To The Company Wrestler Who Doesn't Have Officially Licensed Merch Yet:

And yet, still, J.R.'s choice of shirt is better than the ones the Splash Brothers have to wear on Monday.

There are definitely going to be some, um, hurt feelings by the Bay today.

If you want to join the '80s wrestling celebration and get your LeBron on, the fine folks at Where To Cop have got your online shopping needs covered:

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