LeBron might get help for his hairline, woos new players for Heat on Twitter

In addition to being the biggest loser who ever lost, LeBron James has a very terrible receding hairline. He tries to cover it up with a headband, but everyone knows that he is losing his hair. Michael Jordan went through the same thing, of course, but he at least had the decency to shave entirely and not insult our intelligence with a sneaky accessory.

Thankfully, James seems to be developing more of a sense of humor about his unfortunate hair. On Twitter late Wednesday night, he even mentioned that he may seek a cure, or at least a temporary solution, along with a photo from his younger days. Check both out after the jump.

That was the last time my hairline was right and tight! LOL. Coming back soon though #childhoodmemory

Well, isn't that adorable? Hopefully LeBron will bring back that sweater, too.

Of course, LeBron was also active in Twitter in another, more controversial way. In consecutive tweets, James floated out the idea that the Heat could acquire free-agent guard Jamal Crawford and Suns conductor Steve Nash. Never mind that both players like to dribble as much as possible and would play for a team that already has LeBron and Dwyane Wade. Apparently James thinks the new collective bargaining agreement will incude a multi-ball rule.

The good news for James is that he can't be accused of acting improperly or violating tampering rules as long as there's a lockout. In which case he might want to think about taking some kind of hair product that doubles as a performance enhancer. Every athlete needs that extra edge.

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