LeBron lets down Lakers fans, doesn't show up to his own pizza party

NBC Sports Bay Area staff
NBC Sports BayArea

Hey, let's have a pizza party!

... Or not... 

LeBron James the business man is a partial owner of the restaurant chain, Blaze Pizza. LeBron James the basketball player has taken his talents to Hollywood as the newest member of the Lakers. To celebrate LeBron's arrival, Blaze Pizza announced it was giving away free personal pizzas at all of its Southern California locations for three hours on Tuesday afternoon.

And LeBron seemed up for a good old fashioned pizza party. 

This single tweet caused quite the stir among Lakers fans. Lines were seen going on and on, seeming like it would never end in Culver City. There was just one problem -- James was apparently a little pre-occupied in his family pool. 

"You're at your luxurious home in your bathing suit, your pool, enjoying the weather and just chilling while we're over here in this blazing heat trying to get a free blazing pizza that I still never got," one Lakers fan said to The Ringer

LeBron has been a Laker for less than two weeks, but he's not doing the best job making new fans. 

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