LeBron yells at rim, punishes rim, smilebombs Ray Allen as Heat win 27th straight (Videos)

See? Not everything goes right for LeBron James. He misses free throws, too ... and then yells at metal circles for his misfortune, because that's the most reasonable possible response.

I am only a semi-professional lip reader — to clarify: I have been paid for it in bars and hotel lobbies, but it is not my primary means of income — but I believe the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player, after missing a free throw late in the third quarter of the Miami Heat's 108-94 win over the Orlando Magic, yelled, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? HOOP?"

Clearly, the rim didn't take kindly to that; as LeBron noted, he also missed the back-end of his freebies. But he was able to corral his miss, get fouled again, and come to an understanding with the cylinder, making the next two to send Miami into the fourth quarter up 10 points and well on the way to their remarkable 27th consecutive victory.

(The lesson here: When you're Michael Beasley, talking to rim-gremlins makes you a crazy person. When you're an MVP and champion, talking to rim-gremlins makes you jovial and eccentric.)

Before you go around yelling at inanimate objects, LeBron, you might want to consider just being nicer to them. After all, those missed free throws came about two minutes after you got pretty violent at the cup:

Or, y'know, you could learn nothing from the exchange and just come back shortly thereafter to punish the rim (and Beno Udrih) again:

Such a vicious cycle, LeBron. Free yourself, lest you become consumed by this war with rims.

That was about the only war left for James after the late stages of the third quarter, though — Miami went on a 20-2 run between the 2:59 mark of the third and the 9:21 mark of the fourth to blow Monday night's Amway Center affair wide open, sending the Dwyane Wade-less Heat cruising to a 14-point victory over a Magic squad that was game but outgunned, especially without starting center Nikola Vucevic and starting shooting guard Arron Afflalo, both of whom sat with injuries.

James finished with 24 points on 9 for 16 shooting, 11 assists, nine rebounds and three turnovers in 39 minutes — that's the seventh time this season he's come within one board or dime of a triple-double, according to ESPN.com's Tom Haberstroh. And after dominating a game in which, to be honest, he often seemed kind of like he was just messing around, he was clearly feeling pretty good about his team's seven-plus-week run of form ... as evidenced by his performance during Sun Sports sideline reporter Jason Jackson's postgame interview with Ray Allen, who made three 3-pointers in the fourth quarter but just wasn't destined to be the star:

A closer look at that billion-dollar smile:

This is the face of a 27-game winning streak. Heaven help us all.

The Heat will look to make it 28 straight, and draw within five wins of the all-time-record 33-game winning streak of the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers, when they head to the Windy City on Wednesday night to take on the Chicago Bulls. When the champs arrive, we suspect Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau will not be sporting a LeBron-esque smile.

Rim-yelling video via Beyond the Buzzer. Guy Smiley video via G4NBAVideos.

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