LeBron James tweets support of Draymond Green's push for NCAA reforms

Alex Didion
NBC Sports BayArea

Draymond Green isn't willing to wait around for change.

The Warriors star co-authored an article on ESPN.com Thursday with Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut that calls for significant reforms to the NCAA, specifically its capacity to compensate college athletes.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is all for Green's initiative, and he tweeted his support for Green on Friday afternoon.

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Green and Murphy emphasize the need for recognizing the true value of athletes in the NCAA's revenue-generating sports like football and men's and women's basketball. As sports across America begin to return from the coronavirus pandemic pause, professional athletes in MLB, the NBA and NFL are given the opportunity to collectively bargain for health and safety protocols as well as scheduling and travel parameters before seasons can resume.

College athletes do not have that opportunity and are being brought back to campus without any sort of say on how their school and athletic department is approaching the prevention of the virus.

"We don't have to wait to make college sports better," Green and Murphy wrote. "We have an opportunity to make change right now. When college sports return, we need things to be different. The athletes deserve far better, because they've earned it."

Draymond and LeBron might be bitter rivals on the court, but the two are working together to help bring change to America's antiquated collegiate sports system.

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LeBron James tweets support of Draymond Green's push for NCAA reforms originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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