LeBron James on those who claim he joined Lakers for non-basketball reasons

This is LeBron James’ sixth season with the Los Angeles Lakers, and while some may argue that his time with them hasn’t been a total success, it also hasn’t been a total failure either.

Once he was joined by fellow superstar Anthony Davis for the 2019-20 season, he led them to the NBA championship right away. After some questionable and downright bad personnel moves, the Lakers have appeared to have a championship-caliber roster again ever since a couple of bold trades last winter.

But ever since James came to L.A. in 2018, some have claimed he did so not because he wanted to win more rings, but mostly because he wanted to focus on non-basketball activities. Such critics point to his acting career and business ventures as supposed evidence that he doesn’t care enough about his main craft anymore.

After his 35-point, nine-assist performance in Friday’s 107-95 win against the Portland Trail Blazers, James took to social media to clap back at those critics.

If his haters need any evidence that his competitive fire is still burning at a high enough temperature, they should look at how frustrated he was early last season when the Lakers were doing nothing more than treading water under .500. In fact, some felt his suggestion that he may retire last spring was a passive-aggressive ploy to pressure L.A. into trading for Kyrie Irving.

Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire