LeBron James’ Thanksgiving dinner made his Miami Heat teammates very, very sleepy

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Our Dan Devine told you on Wednesday that LeBron James would be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for his traveling Miami Heat squad on Thursday night at James’ house in Akron, and courtesy of Chris Bosh’s Instagram, we learned that it was indeed a bountiful spread:

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Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread, macaroni and cheese, collard greens (easily the most underrated staple of any Thanksgiving dinner), stuffing, sweet potatoes and a deviled egg. Not bad at all.

What Chris didn’t document is what happened to the Heat’s players and staff soon after. Udonis Haslem, presumably after downing several shots of espresso, stayed up long enough to capture the team and its coaches in various states of slumber following the meal.

From his Instagram, here’s Mario Chalmers:

And assistant coach (Uncle) Bob McAdoo:

Michael “It was the turkey that made me sleepy, I swear” Beasley:

Dwyane Wade:

And Bosh himself:

The Heat have a game in Toronto on Friday night at 7 PM Eastern. They’ll be ready.

(Hat tip: Reddit.)

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