LeBron James taps a pass full-court to get Mario Chalmers to the line (Video)

The basketball world has become accustomed to seeing ridiculous things from LeBron James. The man is so talented in so many ways that he's liable to put forth a spectacular play with no notice. Sometimes, it's obviously so, as in the case of his two recent posterizations of Sacramento Kings rookie Ben McLemore and Atlanta Hawks veteran Paul Millsap. At other times, LeBron delights by doing something no one else would even think to do, much less accomplish.

In the fourth quarter of Monday night's game between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets, we saw an example of the latter. With about 3:45 on the clock and the Heat up 86-85, Chris Bosh rejected a shot from Wilson Chandler, tapping the ball back towards James near the free-throw line. Instead of grabbing the ball, LeBron saw Mario Chalmers in the frontcourt with a step on Ty Lawson and tapped the ball nearly the full length of the court to find Chalmers in a stride. It was an absurd idea and even more shocking execution, a display of amazing strength and ingenuity.

Chalmers split the free throws, so the play is more striking for its entertainment than any effect it had on the game. The Heat won 97-94, with LeBron putting up 26 points (8-of-15 shooting), 10 assists, and six rebounds.

(Video via Beyond the Buzzer)

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