LeBron James rode his bike to the ballgame on Sunday

LeBron James rode his bike to work on Sunday, and "work" happens to be a nationally televised game between his Miami Heat and a Chicago Bulls squad with the best record in the NBA. This is quite cool, it makes this massive talent of a man look all the more human, and if Kevin Durant or Derrick Rose biked to work when Oklahoma City or Chicago's weather warmed up, they'd have a statue and/or Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year award waiting for them by the time they got to the arena.

When LeBron pulls it off? It's a little different, for whatever reason. Part his fault, part the media(myself very much included)'s fault. Still, here's a shot of James commuting, forced into a bike ride due to the Miami Marathon that took place on Sunday.'s Chris Tomassson has the lowdown, starting off with why James decided to bike in:

"The traffic," James said to the media after scoring a game-high 35 points in the 97-93 win over the Bulls. "You guys drove here? You guys are crazy."

James said the trip on his Cannondale, which reads "King James," took about 40 minutes. He said it's not the first time he's used pedal power to get to a game.

"It's not common," he said. "A few (times). I felt good (Sunday) morning."

OK, putting your nickname on your own bike is a bit much. I bet each of Michael Jordan's motorcycles have the Jumpman logo on them, though.

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