LeBron James presents his son with an Xbox-themed birthday cake featuring LeBron’s NBA 2K14 cover (Photo)

As a general rule, most nine-year old boys tend to like cake, and video games. A more obscure rule would probably extend to “most nine-year old boys really like it when their father’s triumphant picture is on the cover of one of the more popular video games in the world,” but it’s really hard to measure assumptions like that.

Left to guess, though, we’d assume that LeBron James Jr. had a pretty cool 9th birthday party on Sunday. We’re guessing at this because his father, NBA 2K14 cover man LeBron James, posted a picture of his Xbox-themed cake on Instagram before the candles were lit, a cake that featured James’ video game cover included in the confection. Look:

James’ caption? “Bronny Dope Xbox cake with that 2K14 #SwagCake #CakeCakeCake.”

“#CakeCakeCake.” It’s good to be (the son of the) King.

Happy birthday, LeBron Jr. We hope they saved an extra slice of that Xbox controller for you to slip into your lunchbox on Monday.

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