LeBron James, Pacers coach Frank Vogel, reportorial whoopsies and a game of telephone

Here's what Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel said after his team won Game 6 against the New York Knicks on Saturday night to earn an Eastern Conference finals matchup with the top-seeded Miami Heat, who ousted Indiana in the second round of last year's postseason:

"This is not about getting back at Miami," Vogel said. "If you're in the final four, you're competing for a championship. You're competing for a championship. And they're just the next team that's in our way."

Here's how that quote was misrepresented to Heat star LeBron James after Miami's practice on Sunday, according to FOX Sports Florida's Chris Tomasson:

Reporter to LeBron: “Vogel kept saying last night that you guys are just another team."

And here's how LeBron responded to that (which, again, is totally not what Vogel said):

“We’re not just another team. I don’t understand what he’s saying. But we’re not just another team. It’s not true. [...] We’re not just another team. We’re a great team. We’re very confident. We’ll be ready for them. But if we’re just another team, you really don’t prepare for just another team. We’re not just another team. You got to be prepared for us."

Here's how Vogel responded to James' response to something he never even said, as related by Pacers.com's Scott Agness on Monday morning:

"Sorry sports world, the words 'just another team' never came out of my mouth," he said. "Great respect for LBJ and the champs. Looking forward to [a] great series."

So, naturally, we're probably mere moments away from the MVP being told about Vogel's "blatant disrespect for El BJ and the chumps," because Game 1 doesn't tip off until Wednesday night and dangit, people have to talk about something, even when it's nothing.

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