LeBron James will not be your Fathead

Lost in all the nonsense surrounding The Decision, and LeBron James'(notes) supposedly uncompetitive move down to Miami, was the news that LeBron James actually turned down more money to go play for a winner. You know, the thing we consistently ask athletes to do, even though some of us would write for the Reykjavík Times if it meant pulling having enough money to design our own solarium.

And while LeBron James certainly doesn't come off as the most principled guy out there, as he grows up before our very eyes, he is continuing to turn down easy money from anyone with a 216 area code. He's kindly told Dan Gilbert, owner of the popular Fathead poster company, to stuff it, and stop making giant, somewhat creepy decals of LeBron.

From Terez Owens, via Cleveland Frowns:

Last night I received an email from the President of Fathead, who informed me it wasn't Dan Gilbert who snubbed LeBron, but the exact opposite..

"The choice to not be included was entirely LeBron's when he elected to opt-out of the NBA licensing agreement in the vinyl wall graphic category prior to the current 2010-2011 season - not Dan Gilbert's and not Fathead's. This is the first time ever any athlete in any league has opted out of the vinyl wall graphics category."

You go, LeBron.

As Cleveland Frowns' Peter Pattakos puts it:

How would you like it? What would you do if someone called you a "shameless self-promoting traitor" who conducts "shameful displays of selfishness and betrayal" and "shocking act[s] of disloyalty" that "send[] the exact opposite lesson of what we ... want our children to learn," then turned around and sold life-sized wall decals of you for $100+ a pop?

James isn't exactly giving it all up for principle, not when he's still shilling for Nike or taking in gobs of cash for appearance fees at parties, but as the only hundred percent baddie in this whole James saga, it's nice to see Gilbert stuck possibly selling generic "Miami Heat Small Forward #6" decals, for the kids to buy.

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