LeBron James mocks Dwyane Wade's migraine glasses

I used to get migraines every six weeks. In case you've never had one, trust me that it's absolutely miserable, a combination of severely blurred vision, pounding headaches, and a general feeling like you can't do anything at all. The only way I could get rid of them was by taking a nap, and even then I'd be groggy and relatively incapable of substantive work for the rest of the day.

The point here is that it's difficult to imagine how anyone could function if they suffered from regular migraines, because it's hard enough when you get them only occasionally. One of those unfortunate souls is Dwyane Wade(notes), All-World guard for the Miami Heat. After dealing with chronic migraines, Wade now wears special glasses to help.

Except it turns out that not all his teammates have much sympathy. Just listen to LeBron James(notes). From Ethan J. Skolnick on PalmBeachPost.com (via NBA Facts & Rumors):

Wade wore red-rimmed glasses that the Heat has laying around to protect his eyes from the light Monday, after a migraine caused him to miss Saturday's game. Tuesday, Wade upgraded to some Oakleys.

And he had company.

"D-Wade is like a kid who just transferred schools, and they don't have any friends," James said. "So, you know, I felt like me putting on glasses today, I would help him get accustomed to the new school that we've got going on right now. I decided to join him, and I made him part of our little Boy Scout club we've got going."

One thousand hisses to LeBron James! How dare he mock a teammate in his time of need. Basketball teams are like families, and in those families there must be trust and honor at all times. This is why he'll never win a championship!

Except, if you've ever been in a family, most siblings rag on each other all the time. As do friends, for that matter. So while LeBron may have poked fun at Wade's glasses, realize that at heart he probably doesn't really think Dwyane is a huge nerd. If that were the case, he would have made fun of his teammate's questionable fashion choices long ago.

If you need more proof of how harmless LeBron's words were here, please note that Erik Spoelstra also laughed at Wade's new glasses. Do you think he wishes ill on one of his best players? How could he? He looks so nice and handsome!

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