LeBron James jokes about taking his talents to the NFL

Miami Heat All-Star and former high school wide receiver LeBron James might be available for NFL teams to sign this season, as the lockout drones on and on. Or, he might just be curious as to whether or not other available and unsigned players (Terrell Owens? Matt Suhey?) could legally make an NFL roster five weeks into the season. You make the call.

It started when ESPN NFL scribe John Clayton mentioned on Twitter sometime on Tuesday afternoon that the NFL's trade deadline is next Tuesday. Piqued by the idea of NFL transactions, LeBron James decided to ask a follow-up:

Now, this could be a flight of fancy, an actual query, or just a musing regarding the potential for James' beloved Dallas Cowboys (because James grew up in Akron, Ohio; and lives in Miami, so ...) to add to their depth chart. If you're a jerk, you can call LeBron a narcissist for wondering on record. If you have half a sense of humor, you can get that it's just another lame NBA lockout joke, one we've all made 2,200 times since last June.

Levity aside, let's all be thankful that Pat Riley doesn't have a Twitter account.

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