LeBron James is wearing a black mask for his broken nose, looks pretty goofy (Photo)

LeBron James is one of the most fearsome players in the NBA, a man with the build of a tank, the athleticism of a cheetah, and the intelligence of the owl from that Tootsie Pop ad. Sometimes, it seems as if there's no way to stop him. How are other teams to deal with someone who can be so scary on the court?

Well, it turns out that the easiest way to make LeBron look ridiculous is by breaking his nose. After suffering the injury last week, James sat out against the Chicago Bulls on Sunday and was fitted for a protective mask for Thursday's home game against the New York Knicks. He debuted that mask, and it looks a little silly (screengrab via SB Nation):

Sweet look! The social media jokes understandably came fast and furious, with various commenters saying LeBron was now Jim Carrey in "The Mask," Batman, or Zorro. My favorite, though, suggested that the four-time MVP should have gone with the full Yeezus. It would truly be at the frontier of NBA fashion.

Comfort is key with these masks, but LeBron's mistake seems to have been going with a black mask when it combines with his black beard to create an effect of a cover on his entire face. Apparently he decided that the clear mask he has worn before — in practice this week and while recovering from a broken cheekbone in 2005 with the Cleveland Cavaliers — was a little too mainstream.

Anyway, we should all get our jokes in now, because it's probably the only opportunity we'll have to mock the league's most terrifying player for quite some time.

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