LeBron James was heard arguing with a referee after Lakers’ Game 2 loss

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered one of the most heartbreaking defeats in their history on Monday in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series versus the Denver Nuggets. They built a sizable lead in the first half and extended it to 20 in the third quarter, and they seemed to be cruising on their way to tying the series.

But they got away from what worked for them, and the contest became a slow-motion train wreck for them afterward. Los Angeles gradually lost its lead, and it disappeared at the buzzer when Jamal Murray hit a jumper to hand it a 101-99 loss.

While some players, such as Anthony Davis, seemed to be willing to hold themselves accountable, other blamed external things. LeBron James blasted the league’s officiating process after the game and singled out a foul that was called against Michael Porter Jr. for hitting D’Angelo Russell in the face, only to be overturned.

A leaked audio (warning: strong language) also revealed that James went after one of the officials right after Murray hit the shot that buried the Lakers.

James complained that he was fouled when he made a layup late in the fourth quarter and that he should’ve been sent to the free throw line for a chance at a three-point play.

The 39-year-old has gotten plenty of criticism for complaining frequently to the referees over the years. While it may be a valid criticism, perhaps this time he had a justified reason to be upset.

Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire