Is LeBron James a good fit with Phoenix Suns? NBA insider raves about team's potential

The speculation about LeBron James potentially joining the Phoenix Suns continues to swirl around the NBA with talk of him potentially forming a "historic superteam" in Phoenix with Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal (and of the Suns potentially drafting his son, Bronny James).

Some NBA writers have even made cases as to why the speculation could become reality, writing of how it really isn't that far-fetched to see LeBron James in a Phoenix Suns jersey.

But does it make sense for LeBron James to join the Suns from a basketball standpoint? Is he a good fit in Phoenix?

According to one NBA insider, the answer to those questions is yes.

"Now, again, strictly from a basketball standpoint, we know he's got lots of money, it's not like he has to get the extra money," Fox Sports' Chris Broussard said on First Things First on Monday. "He's billionaire, he's fine, but basketball-wise, I'd love it.  I mean, he answers the question, the biggest question about that team was what? Their fourth quarter situation. They were the worst fourth quarter team in the league by a healthy margin and because they didn't have a decision maker, that's what LeBron could do, is make the decision for that team.

"Look, if he went to Phoenix, they'd be nice. And you're close to LA, theoretically, so you'd see the family."

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LeBron James on Suns would be 'poetic'

Broussard isn't the only person to think that LeBron James would be a good fit on the court with the Suns. raved about LeBron James' potential to unlock Phoenix's lineup.

Jesse Cinquini wrote: "Perhaps a playmaker of James’ caliber to complement their trio of elite scorers is what the Suns need in order to make a deep run in the 2025 NBA Playoffs. James is one of the greatest passers the game has ever seen, as he ranks fourth in NBA history in regular-season assists and second behind only former Lakers floor general Magic Johnson in playoff assists.  Furthermore, across 71 games played (all starts) with Los Angeles during the 2023-24 regular season, James averaged a team-high 8.3 assists per contest. After competing against one another for such a long time, it would be poetic to see two of the best players of their generation in James and Durant finally join forces."

LeBron James to Phoenix Suns? Speculation swirls after Bronny James workout report

Is LeBron James a good fit with the Phoenix Suns on the court? Some NBA insiders and fans rave about his potential to unlock the team's lineup.
Is LeBron James a good fit with the Phoenix Suns on the court? Some NBA insiders and fans rave about his potential to unlock the team's lineup.

What social media had to say about LeBron James' fit on the Suns

Social media had thoughts on LeBron James' basketball fit with the Suns, with many people thinking Phoenix should absolutely do all it could to try to land the NBA superstar because of what he would bring to the team.

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Could LeBron James really join the Phoenix Suns?

LeBron James can opt out of his contract for the 2024-25 season and become a free agent, which would likely be the only way Phoenix could land him, as the team is very limited financially due to being well over the NBA salary cap.

Would LeBron James really sign a veteran's minimum deal with Phoenix and miss out on $50 million to play for the Suns?

Many people have their doubts, but they don't have doubts about how LeBron James would fit on Phoenix's roster.

The Suns "would be nice" with LeBron James on the roster, indeed, as Broussard said.

They would also be very interesting and have the eyes of the league all season.

Could it really happen?

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