LeBron James' Game 1 outfit cost more than $46,000

LeBron James’ outfit that he wore to Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night cost more than $46,000. (Getty Images)
LeBron James’ outfit that he wore to Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night cost more than $46,000. (Getty Images)

When LeBron James rolled into Oracle Arena in Oakland for Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night, he did so in style.

Rocking a tailored Thom Browne suit with shorts, James instantly turned heads, and temporarily sent the internet into a tailspin. Had it not been for J.R. Smith’s crucial mental error, Tristan Thompson’s altercation with Draymond Green or a myriad of other things, it probably would have been one of the most talked about things from Game 1.

Though according to research done by Aaron Dodson of The Undefeated, James’ outfit wasn’t cheap. Not even close.

The entirety of James’ outfit — his suit, shorts, shoes, headphones, sunglasses and more — cost more than $46,000.

When looking at how much each part of his outfit cost individually, most items don’t turn heads. His suit cost just more than $2,500. His shoes were around $2,000. His sunglasses were $525. His headphones were almost $200.

It’s an expensive outfit, sure. But that’s not unheard of or at all unusual for a professional athlete — especially one of James’ level.

The item that singlehandedly rang up the bill, though, was the alligator bag he brought with him.

The Mr. Thom Bag in Grey Alligator is imported from Italy and made from 100 percent alligator leather, according to the Thom Browne website, and definitely not a bag one usually sees at a basketball arena.

It also costs $41,000.

That’s right. Nearly 90 percent of the cost of James’ outfit came from the bag alone.

Now, you could argue that he did back the outfit — and bag — up Thursday, dropping 51 points, eight rebounds and eight assists.

I guess when you’ve made it to eight-straight NBA Finals, won the league MVP award four times and are by far the best basketball player in the world — if not of all-time — you’ve earned the right to rock a bag worth more than the average cost of a brand new car.

That is how that works, right?

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