LeBron James also dislikes games on Christmas

As Ball Don't Lie's resident Jew, I see myself as an authority on all things Christmas. So when Mr. Dwyer wrote yesterday about Phil Jackson's distaste for playing basketball games on Christmas, it set my mind on fire. Are we supposed to cherish this holiday with family or enjoy ourselves as much as possible, which often involves watching thrilling sporting matches on our televisions with loved ones?

It turns out that Jackson is not the only notable basketball figure to come out against this schedule. Yesterday, LeBron James(notes), aka The Grinch Who Stole Cleveland, said he'd rather the NBA not schedule games on the world's most widely celebrated winter holiday. From the Associated Press:

"If you ask any player in the league, we'd rather be home with our families," James said. "I think the people that even set the games up would rather be home with their family during this day. It's not just a regular holiday. It's definitely one of those days that you wish you could wake up in the morning with the kids and open up presents."

James' two children will do their gift-unwrapping on Christmas Eve this year.

Bah humbug, amirite? This is classic LeBron, wanting to deprive the basketball world of his talents on Christmas just so he can please himself. Just like this summer, he's acting selfishly. Christmas is a time of giving, not receiving.

But wait, he also wants to spend time with his family. Can a family man also be a Christmas curmudgeon? Should LeBron be giving more to his fans or being a good father? The needle on my moral compass is flying all over the place!

We need a simple way to clear things up, and I think I have it: LeBron is being disingenuous and actually wants Christmas off so he can withhold leg operations and roast geese from handicapped children. Like Scrooge, he spends Christmas alone in his mansion counting money in funny-looking pajamas.

One day, hopefully three ghosts will visit LeBron and he will see the error of his ways. For now, let's just keep giving him games on Christmas so he gets upset.

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