LeBron James and the Miami Heat appear on 'Louie,' kind of, briefly and sadly

If you were watching ESPN on Monday, you saw LeBron James and the Miami Heat have a pretty good night. They earned a convincing 102-90 victory in Game 4 of their Eastern Conference finals series with the Indiana Pacers, taking a 3-1 lead in their best-of-seven series and drawing within one win of the their fourth straight trip to the NBA finals thanks in large part to a monster LeBron performance (32 points, 10 rebounds, five assists, two steals) that burnished the four-time MVP's all-time bona fides with feats of athleticism that made the pre-game trash talk look ridiculous.

If you were watching FX, though, you saw things work out considerably worse for LeBron and his teammates:

That's a screenshot from the opening scene of the second of Monday's two episodes of "Louie," the award-winning FX comedy series created by and starring comedian Louis C.K. The episode, titled "Elevator 5," begins with news that ... well, let's just let the broadcaster be the bearer of the ill tidings:

Sad news from Miami, as Hurricane Jasmine Forsythe has claimed the life of LeBron James of the Miami Heat. Mr. James was swept away by the storm surge that destroyed 90 percent of the Florida peninsula last night. Once again, we are reporting the sad death of LeBron James. And the rest of the Miami Heat. And 12 million other people.

As HitFix's Alan Sepinwall notes in his recap of Monday's episodes — there are spoilers in that link, if you'd prefer to avoid them — things often tend to get surreal whenever Louie is watching television on the program, an extension of the brand of comedy that would result in, say, stealing a child's ice cream cone before making a secret-agent getaway. Doing away with 90 percent of Florida, and breaking that news by starting with one single small forward, fits that pattern of surreality hand-in-glove, as does using what appears to be a watercolor portrait of James as the headshot accompanying the report of his demise.

I'm sure James — looking to make his own entrance into the world of comedy these days — will take C.K.'s joke in stride. If not, maybe we'll at least get to see an awkward face-to-face with Louis where LeBron takes the place of Dane Cook. Fingers crossed, you guys.

Screencap via Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe. Video via Chris Najdek. Hat-tip to SportsGrid.

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