What we learned from Giants’ 49-17 loss to Cowboys

The New York Giants fell to 2-8 on the season after getting blasted out of North Texas by the Dallas Cowboys, 49-17, at AT&T Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

The game was perhaps the lowest moment of any Giant supporters’ fandom as Big Blue was completely destroyed by the Cowboys in front of a large television audience.

Every facet of the Giants’ demise was on full display in this game such as lack of talent and depth, poor coaching, awful execution and, yes, some infighting.

Here are some other things we learned.

Is this the bottom?

A very good question that no one can rightfully answer at the moment.

The Giants are not fielding an NFL-level product at the moment and are likely to lose the remainder of their games. If they get two wins in their final seven games, that would be seen as a minor miracle, even though they are playing several ‘beatable’ teams.

I have been following the Giants since 1967 and this is the worst season I have encountered. They have a negative point differential of -148 after just 10 games. It is already the fifth-worst in team history behind 1966 (-238 in 14 games), 1980 (-176, 16 games) and 1964 (-158, 14 games) and 2021 (-158, 17 games).

Falling apart at the seams

Not only are the Giants getting outclassed these days, but they are turning on one another and appear at times to have simply given up.

There were several hot moments on the sidelines in Dallas, some between players and coaches and some others amongst the players. The frustration of losing is taken over.

They are also getting shown up and embarrassed by opponents with little effect. It took recently signed offensive lineman Justin Pugh to stand up for embattled and overmatched rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito on Sunday after a cheap shot.

Where was everyone else?

The No. 1 pick is within reach

The loss in Dallas dropped the Giants to 2-8 on the year and into the No.2 overall spot in next year’s NFL draft order behind 1-8 Carolina.

The Panthers’ pick, of course, is held by Chicago, who will likely take a quarterback with the pick. The Giants, after watching Daniel Jones succumb to not one, but two injuries this season, will almost have to take a QB as well.

USC quarterback Caleb Williams is projected to be the top pick in the draft. Right now, he’s got to be thrilled to be heading to one of the country’s two biggest cities.

Or is he? Both the Giants and the Bears are hot messes. If you think he’s doing a lot of crying now, wait until he gets to one of these teams.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire