LeAnn Rimes Brings Down the House in Low-Cut Dress During Powerful Perfomance

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If you had any doubt that LeAnn Rimes is an absolute powerhouse, please check out her latest performance.

The singer posted a video to Instagram belting out her latest single, god's work, at the Pala Casino in California. For the concert, she wore a stunning orangey-gold maxi dress that had a super low-cut top and cutout back with a flowy bottom (you can grab a similar look on Amazon).

LeAnn obviously looked stunning, but it was her singing that really caught everyone's attention. As she sang the powerful lyrics ("We are god's work .. You are god's work
.. I am god's work .. They are god's work ... We are god's work.") to the crowd, fans were in absolute awe.

After she shared the video to social media, those in attendance, as well as fans who only watched on Instagram, commented about how blown away they were. "So glad your beautiful voice has healed and we had the opportunity to see you in concert," one person wrote. "She’s back🔥😍," said another. "She was on 🔥 tonight. Incredible talent and beautiful. But when you cry, don't wipe your tears. Your tears are how you tell us you are grateful. ❤️"

In 2022, LeAnn revealed to us that her album was therapeutic in a way and really helped her tap into her emotions. "As I explored all of these different facets of myself, I got to ask some pretty deep questions about my own upbringing, you know, the way we've been programmed as a society. I think really this album is full of unanswered questions."

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