Leak: Adidas NHL jerseys revealed before big event in Vegas

The NHL and its new jersey-making partner Adidas are set to reveal new sweater designs for teams on Tuesday night in an event in Las Vegas, including the first official release of the Golden Knights’ home and away jerseys. But no big secret can stay totally hush-hush ahead of a big reveal. Hence, a few NHL “Adizero” jerseys have leaked on Tuesday.

Let’s start with the Nashville Predators, discovered by Ian McLaren in a video on their website. Here’s a comparison via Icethetics with the previous design:

Here are some additional photos from Conrad Burry of Sportslogos:

As you see, these are cleaner looks. Some might say “plainer.”

The new St. Louis Blues jerseys leaked in the same manner, via Birky:

Meanwhile, 1st Ohio Battery, a Columbus Blue Jackets blog, was given a mockup of their Adidas sweaters:

From 1st Ohio Battery:

If you’re hoping for a sweeping change, you may be disappointed. The only evident change, aside from the font tweaks the club recently teased, is the position of the stripe on the front of the sweater, which now runs along the chest instead of towards the collarbone. The neckline will also lose its white stripe, and will feature the more streamlined look of adidas’ World Cup of Hockey sweaters.

As we’ve said before, Adidas earned some goodwill with those World Cup jerseys.

The ones revealed tonight won’t have sweeping changes, just some tweaks: The Colorado Avalanche are expected to lose their piping, the New Jersey Devils will lose their waist stripes.

Incidentally, the Golden Knights are taking orders for their jerseys online and at the team store beginning on June 20. Online orders “will be notified when they’re available for purchase.” In-store orders can “guarantee a jersey to be shipped upon receipt in October.” There will be 3,500 home and 1,500 away jerseys in the initial shipment, via the Sin Bin.

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