League of Legends World Championship prize pool now at record $5.07 million, will continue to rise

Taylor Cocke

Championship Zed has had a hand in contributing nearly $3 million to the Worlds prize pool (Riot Games)

Riot Games has announced the latest number for the 2016 League of Legends World Championship prize pool, and it’s a doozie: $5.07 million.

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Last year, the prize pool was set (with no crowdfunding of any sort) by Riot at $2.13 million, with $1 million of that going to the first place team. This year, they’ve been adding 25% of the revenue gained from sales of the Championship Zed and Championship ward skins to the pool, increasing the amount by nearly $3 million so far.

The pool will continue to rise from sales until November 6, when the final number will be tallied.

While $5.07 million is the biggest prize pool League of Legends has ever seen, it’s a far cry from The International’s $20.7 million in 2016. Of course, more money is gained for TI from sales of the Compendium than skin sales in League of Legends, but the difference is stark when comparing the player bases of the two games. 

It is worth noting that Riot is making nearly $9 million from Zed and ward skins in the weeks since Worlds has started. 

Taylor Cocke is happy that Worlds is finally getting the prize pool it deserves. Follow him on Twitter @taylorcocke.

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