League of Legends Patch 6.24: Buffs, nerfs, and Camille

Camille is coming in Patch 6.24 (Riot Games)
Camille is coming in Patch 6.24 (Riot Games)

Riot Games has released the final batch of balance changes to League of Legends in 2016. Patch 6.24 brings fixes to assassins, the jungle, and some long-ignored champions.

Let’s start with the buffs.Shurima’s own Azir can summon more soldiers at a more rapid pace, his temporary turret gives less gold upon death, and he gets a bit more AD per level. Fiddlesticks is finally getting some love:his Drain does more damage in the early game and Dark Wind’s cooldown has been reduced at all ranks. Garen’s spin move shreds Armor after 4 hits. Katarina, despite low-elo players’ complaints, is getting buffs to the damage she deals when picking up Daggers at all levels. LeBlanc now deals more damage with her Q for instant trading, but waveclears slower and does less damage with her Ethereal Chains. Finally, Varus’ passive attack speed now scales with AD.

Wait, what’s that? Nidalee is getting buffs? Nidalee? Come on, Riot. We just escaped from her jungle tyranny. Oh, it’s just +5.12 AD? That’s not so bad, I guess.

There aren’t nearly as many nerfsIvern’s shield now costs more mana and its slow is significantly lower at low ranks, scaling into the endgame. Rengar gets less Attack Damage from his Bonetooth Necklace passive, making him less one-shotty during the late game. And the dominant ADC pair of Twitch and Vayne are getting nerfs, with the former having his passive damage decreased and the latter having her Q do less damage at early ranks.

As for the “are they buffs or not” crew, there’s Kog’Maw. AD Kog’Maw got some buffs to his Bio-Arcane Barrage, while AP Kog’Maw is losing AP scaling on his E.

Finally, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter has less AP, causes spells to slow half as much, and gives less health. As a result, it costs 600 less gold.

Masteries are getting some tweaks,too. Courage of the Colossus has a longer cooldown at early ranks and just generally gives a less meaty shield. Fervor of Battle takes less time to stack up and does a bit more damage at max stacks.

Oh, and Camille is coming in this patch. Have fun with that, top laners.

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