League of Legends Runes and Masteries to be completely reworked, become free

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Runes are about to become a whole lot simpler – and a whole lot less expensive (Riot Games)
Runes are about to become a whole lot simpler – and a whole lot less expensive (Riot Games)

Rejoice, League of Legends players, for the long-maligned Runes and Masteries systems are about to get reworked – and a whole lot freer.

In a Riot Pls video, League of Legends lead producer “New001” detailed what the developer is calling “Runes Reforged,” the new pre-match customization system coming during the preseason in November.

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Runes Reforged will be combining the Runes and Masteries systems into a single entity, in which players will be able to choose just a few Runes that will make a large impact on the game. Rather than incremental stat changes like the current Rune system, Runes Reforged will have big, visible changes once in game.

Biggest among them, Keystone Runes will be “much more powerful” than the current Keystone Masteries. For example, New001 discussed the Keystone “Berzerk” which grants a 60 percent attack speed after some time in combat and raises the attack speed cap. Not too bad for AD carries. There’s also Perxie, a pet that can be commanded to grant a shield to an ally or deal damage to an enemy.

There will also be Major and Minor Runes. The video features Major Rune Overheal, which will convert any overhealing to a shield, much like the item The Bloodthirster.

Most excitingly, all Runes will be completely free once the changes go through. That means no more grinding out IP to fill out the Rune pages for each and every champion you want to play.

Also discussed in the Riot Pls video is updates to the Honor system, which rewards players for good behavior in game. Now, players will be given the opportunity to honor any of their teammates after matches, with rewards including Key Fragments to open Hextech loot chests and “exclusive content” for honorable players.

For more on how all of this will change the game, head over to the Yahoo Esports League of Legends hub.

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