LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Bohuslavicky's team first mentality leads to post season honors

May 26—Going into this season Northeastern State softball's Chloe Bohuslavicky did not try to rack up the accolades, but her talent ensured it happened.

Going into the season, Bohuslavicky was focused on making improvements in her all-around game. These improvements led to her breaking NSU's home run record for a second straight time and ending up on the Midwest-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association All-Region Team and the Division II Conference Commissioners Association Second Team.

Bohuslavicky earned her spot after hitting 18 home runs, a .337 batting average, a .686 slugging percentage, and 20 walks while driving in 51 runners.

"It means a lot, but the awards are never what I am looking for," said Bohuslavicky. "I am looking for the best for my team. But it means a lot because I don't expect to get those awards so when I do it is a shock."

Despite not necessarily planning on it, Bohuslavicky was a leader at the plate for the RiverHawks. After hitting 13 home runs and breaking the school record last season, the incoming senior broke her mark with 18 home runs this season.

Bohuslavicky got her strong season off to a quick start on March 5 against Augustana. During that game she went four-for-five with a home run, four runners batted in, and three runs scored.

"Sometimes I just feel like I am in the zone. Certain days my swing feels so good and so focused I know they can't get me out and I knew it was one of those days," said Bohuslavicky. "It was really good when I start off that good because when I get into a slump I had already proved to myself that I can do it since it was so early in the season."

Over the offseason, Bohuslavicky was not trying to improve her home run swing. In fact, the designated hitter/first baseman was looking to expand her hitting profile. This season Bohuslavicky vastly improved in hitting the ball to all fields.

"Chloe is just an unbelievable power hitter. Knowing that people are going to throw to her power she tried to hit for average," said NSU Head Coach Clay Davis. "Looking for what people gave her, taking the single when they were there and driving the ball the other way."

Getting to that point included a lot of work for Bohuslavicky.

"I really focused on the outside pitch in fall ball," said Bohuslavicky. "When we had opportunities I had pitchers throw to my weak spots. So then when we got to game time I will have seen those more rather than being a selfish hitter and pulling the ball. I am good at pulling it but I wanted to be better at getting runners in going the other way."

Despite hitting her goal in home runs and batting average, Bohuslavicky says she still is not satisfied with how the season ended.

The RiverHawks ended just one game outside of the MIAA Tournament. Missing the tournament is serving as motivation for Bohuslavicky as she goes into her final season.

"I don't think my expectations were met because I really wanted to get into the tournament," said Buhoslavicky. "But personal and teammates growth I think a lot of us did good. I met my home run and batting average goals. Personally, I think a lot of people hit their goals but as a team, we did not meet our goals."

Going into next season, the RiverHawks should be set up to achieve their goals. NSU is set to return their team from last year that will have nine senior players including Bohuslavicky.

A hefty senior class will not only guide the RiverHawks on the field next season but will also help guide the future of the program.

"I think it is going to be really good for our underclassmen," said Bohuslavicky. "It can be hard for younger girls to know how important some games are. So having that many people come back we will have a good group of leaders that will teach them what to do."

Going into next season Bohuslavicky once again has big goals. The incoming senior hopes to make the tournament and in spite of being 'selfish' she says she wants NSU to win the MIAA.

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