Le'Veon Bell tweets NFL 'screwed' Sam Darnold by airing 'seeing ghosts' comment

The New York Jets were embarrassed at home on Monday night by the New England Patriots, shut out 33-0 as they committed six turnovers and held the ball for just 21:33.

But that loss is being almost overshadowed by something Jets’ quarterback Sam Darnold said on the sideline while he was mic’d up for NFL Films and ESPN.

‘I’m seeing ghosts’

At one point during the loss, Darnold, who had the worst game of his young career — he completed just 11 of 32 pass attempts for 86 yards and four interceptions — said “I’m seeing ghosts,” while sitting on the sidelines.

The comment was replayed by ESPN.

Le'Veon Bell, right, came to the defense of Sam Darold, left, on Twitter. (Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Le'Veon Bell, right, came to the defense of Sam Darold, left, on Twitter. (Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

When a player is mic’d up, NFL Films has a representative on-site listening to what the microphones are catching; that person gives the green light on what sound does and doesn’t make it to air. The N.Y. Post reported that ESPN doesn’t always have someone there to do the same thing, trusting that the NFL Films rep will make the right choices on what the viewing public hears.

Teams are hoping that in exchange for the access they’re allowing to NFL Films, NFL Films won’t let the public hear embarrassing comments or things that could reflect negatively on a player.

‘The NFL screwed Sammy over’

The Jets’ star running back, Le’Veon Bell, came to Darnold’s defense on Twitter.

“The NFL screwed Sammy over...there’s not one player in the NFL who’s cool with having every sideline convo broadcasted to millions,” Bell wrote. “There’s a reason we’ve never heard other QBs frustrated on the sideline like that before...that’s crazy, @NFL did Sam dirty as hell.”

Jets coach Adam Gase expressed anger on Tuesday as well, saying his team will evaluate whether to agree to having a player mic’d up in the future.

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