LeBron James teases return of iconic pregame chalk toss

Johnny Flores Jr.Yahoo Sports Contributor
Yahoo Sports

LeBron James’ pregame chalk toss remains as one of the most iconic rituals in NBA history. So when James did away with it in 2014, many fans were understandably sad.

Now, roughly five years later the chalk toss could make an epic return.

On Thursday, James replied to a Twitter account paying homage to the chalk toss by hinting at the return of the ritual.

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It should be noted that James did break out the ritual in a preseason game with the Los Angeles Lakers last year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the full ritual, complete with the epic toss, but it was certainly a start.

With James reportedly giving future teammate Anthony Davis his No. 23 and opening a return to wearing No. 6, we could be seeing the James of old very soon.

Could the headband be next? We hope so.

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