LeBron James and Kevin Durant both quit Jalen Rose's $10,000 fantasy football league

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You may think you love fantasy football, but we guarantee you don’t love it as much as Jalen Rose. The NBA veteran plays in a league that not only has some big-name quitters, but also carries a hefty entrance fee.

How much is that entrance fee, you ask? It’s $10,000.

Not only that, but both Kevin Durant and LeBron James have quit the league. Rose says Durant “got upset and he left the league.” Rose adds that James left the league after finishing in last place one year.

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors and Maverick Carter are among the big names still in the league, according to Rose.

There’s a lot to unpack here. First off, a $10,000 league? That’s excessive, and way too much money to put on a game where one injury could ruin your team. Are you really drafting Todd Gurley with $10,000 on the line?

If there’s one thing that normal fantasy players can relate to here, it’s that Durant quit Rose’s league in a huff. Given how dumb most fantasy league arguments are, we can only imagine the embarrassing loss or dumb scoring change that finally sent Durant over the edge.


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