Lazard exits OTAs due to shot to ‘the gonads’

Mike Florio and Chris Simms explain why no one should be concerned by Allen Lazard’s brief exit from the Jets OTAs.

Video Transcript

CHRIS SIMMS: Let's talk about this next injury. This is a good one, no? Are we going to go there?

MIKE FLORIO: I'm getting us back on. No, well, are we going to do-- before we do that, wait, wait, wait. Am I-- oh yes, yes, I don't want to skip over that. A more common injury to men of any age, we've all been there, we've all done that.

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Allen Lazard was injured yesterday. He left briefly, he came back, he was 100%. I just got hit in the gonads, that's the Alan Lazard report. And it's unmistakable for anyone out there who doesn't know the experience, and I can't imagine that you can get very far into your life, although, you know, kids don't go out and play like they used to. So maybe there's a bunch of people out there who haven't had this happen.

You get that contact, and there's about a 10-second delay, 7 to 10 second delay, where excruciating stomach pain takes over. I've never understood the physiology of that. Maybe that's something he can look up since he's been very good at supplying us with information today.

But for some reason, you get hit there, it triggers a delayed reaction. Incredible pain like someone has stuck a knife into your intestines. Incredible and unmistakable when it happens.

CHRIS SIMMS: It is. It's an odd feeling, for sure. It's like all of those things you said, then it feels like the wind gets knocked out of you. It's got the weirdest feeling ever. It is. It's up there.


It's amazing, really. We talk about this every now and then. I feel like it comes up about once or twice a year. It's amazing it doesn't happen more. It's a bunch of grown men running around and piles, diving, tackling, doing stuff like that, pushing, all of that. Nobody's wearing protection down there, as we've talked about, which is still a surprise to people.

I had somebody yesterday say this, again, at the gym, Jets fans, I always tell you about my Jet fans at the gym, and they were saying the same thing, was he not wearing a cup? I go, nobody in the cup-- nobody in the NFL wears a cup. And they were like, what? I was like, no, it slows you down, it's uncomfortable, nobody wears a cup. That doesn't happen. So it is kind of amazing it doesn't happen more often.

MIKE FLORIO: First thing I thought of was the LA Lakers on the day after they were eliminated.

CHRIS SIMMS: Right. Right. Yeah.


MIKE FLORIO: Vince Wilfork.

CHRIS SIMMS: Vince Wilfork.

MIKE FLORIO: Turns you into Magic Johnson in more ways than one.

CHRIS SIMMS: Yeah, in more ways than one, exactly. At first it was more Ravens' colors. And then like I said, it worked his way into Lakers' colors.