LaVar Ball stirs the pot by throwing shade at Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum

Jonathan Warner
NBC Sports Northwest

LaVar Ball loves to stir the pot.

And this time, he has taken aim at the Portland Trail Blazers.

The father of the Ball brothers was recently on the "Say Less with Kaz" podcast and had some thoughts about the Blazers dynamic backcourt and franchise centerpieces, Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.

LaVar shared his thoughts on how his three sons, Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo could end up on the New York Knicks, saying that his boys would take less money so that they could sign better players in other positions to boost the team.

In the same breath, Ball took a shot on how the Blazers organization gave Lillard and McCollum so much money.

Look at the Portland Trail Blazers. You got $300 million tied up in two guards. You ain't gonna never win anything when you tie up all the money in two players, it ain't gonna happen like that.

I get what Lavar is trying to say, but to say his sons, if offered a max deal, wouldn't take the deal is just laughable.

[Listen to the Talkin' Blazers Podcast with hosts NBA Champion Channing Frye and Emmy Award winner Dan Sheldon and special guest Blazers TV analyst Lamar Hurd].

No player is going to pass or turn down $100 million if it is on the table, so his statement is purely conjecture.

LaVar also has to understand, if he knows anything about the Trail Blazers, that Portland is still a small-market team. They have to pay Lillard and McCollum that kind of money or else they would go somewhere else with more cap space. Neil Olshey has been vocal about his strategy: Draft, player development, player retention, trades, free agency. 

Also, did LaVar Ball forget the Blazers went to the Western Conference Finals even without Nurkic in the mix? Now, with Nurkic back healthy and ready to play, the Blazers may be poised to be a serious contender in the Western Conference, eight-seed and all.

Look, LaVar Ball gets a lot of media attention for saying what is on his mind. Is he right all the time? No, not really. 

The Blazers will have the opportunity to prove to LaVar and other critics when the NBA officially returns at the end of July.

LaVar Ball stirs the pot by throwing shade at Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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