LaVar Ball guarantees championships, that Lonzo won't play off the ball with LeBron James next season

LaVar Ball guaranteed that his son, Lonzo, and LeBron James will bring multiple championships to Los Angeles, and that Lonzo won’t play off the ball even with James this season. (Getty Images)
LaVar Ball guaranteed that his son, Lonzo, and LeBron James will bring multiple championships to Los Angeles, and that Lonzo won’t play off the ball even with James this season. (Getty Images)

With LeBron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers this week, it wasn’t going to take long for LaVar Ball to publicly share his excitement.

LaVar, whose son Lonzo just finished up his rookie season with the Lakers, was asked by TMZ about James joining the team at a promotional event for his Junior Basketball Association on Tuesday.

And once again, he guaranteed multiple championships for the Lakers.

“LeBron got a four-year deal, right? I hope he gets four [championships] in a row,” LaVar said. “If not, I guarantee two when all my boys on the Lakers with him. Game over.”

Yet just because the Lakers signed James doesn’t mean they’ll have an easy road to the NBA Finals. They still have to get through the Western Conference — particularly the Golden State Warriors, who just added DeMarcus Cousins to its roster on Monday.

LaVar’s crazy dream of Lonzo, LiAngelo — who wasn’t picked up by anyone in the NBA Draft last month — and 16-year-old LaMelo all playing for the Lakers clearly isn’t dead, either.

The Warriors, though, apparently don’t scare LaVar — no matter who they have on their team.

“The Warriors can sign Boogie, Prince, Michael Jordan, anybody they want,” LaVar said. “They still ain’t gonna win with this team right here. Lakers with LeBron? You don’t give my son the best player in the game and don’t think he gonna win no championships.”

You have to appreciate the amount of confidence he has in the Lakers — especially as they’ll have to get past a Warriors starting lineup that rivals the best in NBA history in order to bring those championships to Los Angeles.

‘Lonzo ain’t going to play off the ball’

Ball was the Los Angeles Lakers’ starting point guard for the majority of last season. Though with James joining the team this week, the Lakers’ starting lineup is going to look completely different next season. Without a doubt, it’ll be centered around James.

Yet when asked about how that will impact his son, LaVar Ball doesn’t expect anything to change. He said in an interview with Overtime on Monday that Lonzo will not be playing off the ball, but will rather stay the point guard and facilitate the Lakers’ — and James’ — offense all year.

“Lonzo ain’t going to play off the ball,” LaVar said. “How’s LeBron going to play point? Lonzo will be pushing and he get it out of his hands too quick. Lonzo don’t do all that dribbling. All he got to do is run the lane and pass going to be right on the money.

“We going to play so fast, he’ll throw him touchdown passes and be scoring all day. And then when he don’t, he’s going to throw the long pass and Lonzo will shoot the 3-pointer very easy.”

LaVar, though, clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. While James isn’t ever listed as the point guard in the box score, he frequently brings the ball up the court — especially in late-game situations. Whenever James wants to bring the ball up the court and run the point this season, the Lakers will let him. Nothing LaVar says will change that — nor should it.

It’ll be interesting to see how James handles LaVar and the Ball family while in Los Angeles — that is if the Lakers don’t trade Lonzo away, as has been rumored in recent weeks.

It’s hard to imagine James putting up with too much.

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