LaVar Ball certain LeBron James will sign with Lakers: 'Get rid of everybody'

LeBron James and Lonzo Ball shared a chat after their first NBA game against each other. (Getty)
LeBron James and Lonzo Ball shared a chat after their first NBA game against each other. (Getty)

LaVar Ball has never met LeBron James. But LaVar Ball has never been afraid to make wildly confident, unsubstantiated predictions.

“Speak it into existence,” is the phrase he used whenever he spoke with certainty about his son, Lonzo Ball, becoming a Los Angeles Laker. That dream ultimately came true.

And now it appears he’s taking the predictions outside the family. He’s sure LeBron James is going to the Lakers as a free agent next summer.

“LeBron’s coming to L.A. I know he’s coming to L.A.,” LaVar told ESPN.

He continued: “LeBron is not a fool. What’s the only way he can beat Jordan? You can’t get more championships. Only one way, to say every team I’ve gone to I’ve won a championship. Go to the Lakers and win a championship, then you’re better than Jordan.”

Hmm … that logic is slightly questionable. And it seems to be the only basis for his statement that LeBron is going to Los Angeles.

Nonetheless, LaVar went on, and seemed to suggest the Lakers should clear out their roster – which, by the way, includes another No. 2 overall pick, Brandon Ingram – to let LeBron and Lonzo run together. All they’d need to win, of course, is LaVar’s middle son, LiAngelo, who is not even a fringe NBA prospect.

“You can’t give my son the best player in the league, and don’t expect them not to win,” LaVar said. “Get rid of everybody. Give him LeBron and [LiAngelo]. You got a two and a three. And it’s a win. It’s a wrap. Then all you need are two rebounders – [Julius] Randle and [Larry] Nance Jr.”

LaVar seemingly wants to get rid of Lakers coach Luke Walton, too. “Even if you bring in a LeBron or a [Paul] George, he can’t coach them guys,” LaVar told ESPN. “What is he gonna tell them? He’s too young. He has no control.”

LaVar, speaking from a Lithuanian resort, also called out Walton at length, saying that the Lakers “don’t want to play for” the 37-year-old coach.