Laura Ingraham gets a strong welcome back from fans after Twitter war with David Hogg

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After a weeklong hiatus, Fox News TV host Laura Ingraham returned to her show, The Ingraham Angle, on Monday. All this followed her hotly debated feud with Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg.

Ingraham apologized for saying the teenager was “whining” about not getting accepted into some colleges, but the damage was done. The TV veteran returned to her desk 20 advertisers lighter, nearly half of what she had a week ago.

The host, however, didn’t miss a beat as she headed straight into a 10-minute-long segment about freedom of speech called “Defending the First.” Though she didn’t mention Hogg by name, she faced her controversy head on, saying, “I have been the victim of a boycott. It is wrong. You shouldn’t do this by team. It is the modern way of cutting off free speech.”

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Twitter was quick to remind Ingraham that the right to freedom of speech goes both ways with her advertisers.

While Ingraham did get pushback on social media for her return and her stance on the controversy, her fans were delighted to see her back on television. They overwhelmingly welcomed her and praised the TV host for fighting back against the boycott.

Ingraham was also delighted to return to The Ingraham Angle. Just before her show aired, she tweeted this message to her fans.

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