Laughter turns to screams after man dives into water, gets blindsided

A tourist in Puerto Rico dove into the water to cool off and was blindsided by what shot out at him from behind like a torpedo in a moment of terror off Cayo Icacos Island.

Laughter turned into loud screams as witnesses for an instant probably thought a shark was attacking him.

Maggie Clark was videotaping him and reported on TikTok that it was a barracuda, and that it did not injure the man only bumped him.

“I would have had a heart attack,” one commenter wrote.

“This is all so hilarious and scary at the same time,” another wrote. “The fact it didn’t bite him makes me lol.”

As soon as the barracuda made a U-turn and all breathed normally again, the laughter surely returned.

“No barracudas were harmed in the making of this video,” Clark wrote.

Story originally appeared on For The Win