Latest freakout over NFL's digital draft has Seahawks GM tearing down his walls — literally

Football minds are notorious for being hyper-focused on the game.

From Joe Gibbs and Dick Vermiel sleeping in their offices instead of their homes to Jon Gruden’s 4 a.m. wakeup calls, NFL men are renowned for dedicating their lives to one thing above all else — football.

With the monkey wrench of this year’s NFL draft being conducted from the offices, basements and living rooms of coaches and general managers has come a realization.

Many of them are woefully unprepared to do non-football things. Like use the internet. And they’re going to great lengths to ensure they’re secure and up to speed.

John Schneider, left, is going to great lengths to secure the Seahawks draft. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
John Schneider, left, is going to great lengths to secure the Seahawks draft. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Wild tales of digital draft prep

Glitches during a mock draft on Monday produced immediate, anonymous complaints from NFL personnel to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who broadcast their whining as breaking news.

Monday also brought the news that Lions general manager Bob Quinn is housing an IT professional in a Winnebago in his driveway. Because, you know — just in case.

And now on Tuesday arrives word that Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider resorted to ripping up walls “to make the technology work in his house.”

This news arrives via NFL Network’s Omar Ruiz.

Exactly what kind of internet technology is required to consume digital football information and submit an NFL draft pick? Apparently whatever’s needed also requires 25 screens.

We get it. The stakes are high. Relatively speaking, of course.

But the act of consuming and delivering information on draft day shouldn’t require much technology beyond the basic high-speed internet that exists in so many of our non-NFL homes — and maybe a few dedicated land lines that don’t.

Is it all a ruse?

Perhaps Schneider has us all fooled here. Maybe he’s a technology savant and is simply using the draft as an excuse to upgrade his man cave. If so, bravo.

If not. Well, my colleague and Yahoo NFL draft guru Eric Edholm put it best.

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