The latest episode of the Ball family's Lithuanian farce is LaVar Ball, Head Coach

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LaVar Ball is a walking marketing stunt. (Getty)
LaVar Ball is a walking marketing stunt. (Getty)

Now that the novelty of two American teenagers, along with their brash, outspoken father, traveling to Lithuania to play professional basketball has worn off, nobody really seems to care about LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball and their BC Vytautas exploits.

Now that nobody seems to care about LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball and their BC Vytautas exploits, the team and their Big Ballers have quickly realized they need a new stunt to rejuvenate their brand.

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Enter LaVar Ball, head coach.

We could have seen this coming from a mile away. LaVar was named an assistant coach for a game earlier this week, with a BC Vytautas spokesman saying that the loud, annoying team dad would “drive the team through the game and make many of the decisions.” That was for the fourth game of the Big Baller Challenge, a series of exhibition games to promote the Ball family’s brand.

Sunday is the fifth and final game, which you probably didn’t know. But now you do know, because LaVar is the head coach. And that’s precisely the point of the stunt.

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In previous versions of LaVar Ball, Head Coach, we’ve had him force Adidas to remove a female ref from an AAU game, then get a second technical foul, refuse to leave the floor, and have the game called off. Finally, he told the ref to “stay in her lane.” It was ugly. It was a total embarrassment.

So … Sunday’s game in Lithuania should pass without incident, surely!

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