The Last Leg's Alex Brooker discusses show's future

Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

The Last Leg co-host Alex Brooker has addressed the Channel 4 show's future after nine years on air.

Known for appearing opposite Adam Hills and Josh Widdecombe on the panel, Brooker got chatting to Digital Spy recently where we asked how long he believes it'll continue for.

"I remember saying in Rio [de Janeiro], 'How long do you think we've got then?' I remember before Rio thinking we'd only go to just after it. And then it was like, 'Maybe we'll go to Tokyo.' And now I've stopped thinking about it.

Photo credit: Anthony Harvey
Photo credit: Anthony Harvey

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"As long as people still keep enjoying it, I think we'll keep doing it. I wouldn't like to say now. I wouldn't like to second guess it," Brooker admitted.

Reflecting on The Last Leg's sustained popularity, the 37-year-old also shared: "I didn't [expect it to be as successful as it has been] at all if I'm being honest.

"I look at my Facebook memories sometimes and I see stuff coming up from 2012 and it's easy to forget how far the show has come.

"To think that in 2012, I had a nine or ten-day contract for Channel 4 to be a reporter and I remember being put on The Last Leg for the first time, and I didn't expect to be on it again. And then they called me back, and I thought I was going to be their reporter, and they turned around and said that they wanted me to stay on The Last Leg sofa.

Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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"My honest response was, 'What have I done wrong?' Because I just thought you've trained me to be a reporter – I took myself very seriously – why are you getting me on this? It's changed my life," he continued.

"I've been very lucky to be a part of it. it's a joy to work on."

Further along the interview, Brooker also touched on the subject of Virgin Media's #WeAreHere campaign: "We've not been able to go out to Tokyo as The Last Leg, but also for the athletes, their friends and families, they would have been there in the stadiums, supporting them in person.

"So we've been on social media doing a wave of support to show the athletes, like the hashtag says, we are here, we're thinking of them and we're backing them and cheering them."

The Last Leg airs Fridays at 10pm on Channel 4.

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