Larry Sanders’ latest tattoo is misspelled, which doesn’t seem to bum him out too much (Photo)

After agreeing to a $44 million contract extension last week to continue locking down the paint for the Milwaukee Bucks through the 2017-18 season, shot-blocker extraordinaire Larry Sanders (excuse me: LARRY SANDERS!) celebrated his rise from homelessness to an eight-figure payday by adding a new pair of tattoos to his already extensive collection and sharing them with his followers on Instagram and Twitter. The first, on his right hand, featured the word "Ask." Next up, on the other hand (literally):

When we were finished waiting, here's what we saw:

Hey now.

I'm guessing that the "just wait on it" was first intended to suggest that after you ask for something (in prayer, represented by putting your hands together), you must wait before, as the saying goes, you shall receive. It's much more fun, though, to think that it refers to the moment where you realize that your tattoo artist isn't exactly Johnny Spelling Mnemonic — a moment that Sanders also shared with his followers:

I'm glad the 24-year-old center gave the ol' "lol" there and followed up by letting us all know that he's not too worried about the misspelling. Larry hasn't always been the coolest, calmest, most reserved customer when things haven't gone his way, so the easy-breezy response is a welcome sight. Then again, I suppose the afterglow of a $44 million deal makes everything seem a bit rosier and easy to handle.

Besides, Sanders need only look to Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant for a worthy example to follow when it comes to quick correction of a skin-based screw-up. When you look at it from that perspective, it's kind of like Larry's officially arrived as an NBA star. Congratulations, big fella. May the ranks of the elite receive you with open arms and proper spelling.

Hat-tip to Andrew Goodman by way of our pal C.J. Fogler.

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