Larger than expected salary cap means more space for Jaguars

Business is booming for the NFL and the salary cap is soaring.

While the total amount each team can spend on salaries has increased on an annual basis, the jump from 2023 to 2024 was an unprecedented total. After it was set at $224.8 last season, it’s set to be a $255.4 million cap in the upcoming year.

Earlier this month, most had the Jacksonville Jaguars estimated at about $11 million in salary cap space. But that was based off the projection that the 2024 cap would be set around $242 million. With the cap more than $13 million higher than most expected, the Jaguars are now estimated to have about $24.67 million.

The additional space could absolutely come in handy, especially if the Jaguars hope to keep both Josh Allen and Calvin Ridley. If the team uses the franchise tag to keep Allen, it’ll cost the team between $21.3 and $24 million, depending on what position he’s classified as by the league.

It seemed the Jaguars would have to do some work to clear the space necessary to keep the pass rusher and retain Ridley. That’ll still be the case, but now Jacksonville is set to have enough space to keep Allen without any roster finagling.

Story originally appeared on Jaguars Wire