How to Make Large Outdoor Christmas Ornaments for Your Lawn

How to Make Large Outdoor Christmas Ornaments for Your Lawn

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Is there really any such thing as going too big on your holiday decorations? As we like to say, the more the merrier, especially when it comes to Christmas festivities. Give us all the wreaths, lights, and greenery galore, please and thank you.

So it's no surprise that we immediately fell in love with these large outdoor Christmas ornaments from the moment we laid eyes on them. Not only are they ginormous (in the words of our favorite elf), but they're also incredibly pretty and—dare we say it—even chic! And talk about a statement piece—some of these ornaments are nearly 40 inches tall.

If you have a sprawling, wide-open lawn, consider a grouping of several for maximum Christmas curb appeal. For smaller yards, just one will do the trick. Besides situating them on your lawn, you can style them as part of your Christmas porch decorations, line them up along your walkway, or even arrange them in your living room next to your Christmas tree. We love the idea of large outdoor hanging ornaments on a tree in your yard—just secure to branches with wire.

large outdoor christmas ornaments hanging in the bare trees against sky
Choose light-weight, oversize ornaments to secure to branches for a festive, eye-catching Christmas decorations in your yard.DigiPub - Getty Images

DIY Your Own Large Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

While we love the look of the store-bought ornaments, these oversized decorations are also fairly easy to make yourself. We have a DIY tutorial on making some slightly smaller lawn ornaments, but you could make larger versions using a bouncy ball and cylinder container.

Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with these statement-making lawn ornaments. They're sure to be the envy of the whole neighborhood!

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