Lane Kiffin noticed the similarity between his USC firing and Reince Priebus' resignation

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Lane Kiffin has been Alabama’s offensive coordinator since 2014. (Getty)
Lane Kiffin has been Alabama’s offensive coordinator since 2014. (Getty)

Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin keeps up with current events. Or, at the very least, the people at FAU who run his Twitter account do.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus reportedly tendered his resignation Thursday afternoon, though the news didn’t become public until Friday afternoon when President Donald Trump tweeted about the change from Air Force One on a tarmac.

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While Trump was publicly announcing the change, Priebus was in a vehicle on the tarmac. The scene led to many jokes about Kiffin, who was famously notified of his firing at an airport immediately upon USC’s return to California following the Trojans’ loss to Arizona State in 2013.

We got in on the fun, of course.

And Kiffin noticed.

Love or hate Kiffin, you have to appreciate that he — and Florida Atlantic, for that matter — was willing to have some fun with the Priebus scenario. And you also have to think that Kiffin is happy the United States Executive Branch has infinitely more drama than his life.

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