Lane Johnson: Returning to play a risk we have to take and see what happens

Josh Alper
·1 min read

The start of training camp is drawing closer and the conversations about how safe it is to resume football activities amid a pandemic aren’t going away.

Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins addressed the risks involved with the return last week and said it was hard to feel comfortable about the prospect of playing under current conditions. One of Jenkins’ former teammates has a different view.

Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson said he believes the league and NFLPA will get it “all figured out” in terms of testing and educating players about mitigation efforts that will create an acceptable level of risk for everyone involved.

“Ultimately, it’s a risk that we’re all willing to take to go outside your house or whatever you’re doing, going shopping. I’ve been doing a pretty good job of staying in the house, doing my social distancing protocols.” Johnson said. “Yeah, with everybody it’s going to be a risk that we’re going to have to take and see what happens.”

Johnson and the rest of the league’s players are waiting for finalized protocols that will govern the return of football this summer. Some coaches have already aired grievances about such guidelines, but finding a way to work within them as well as within the disease risks that can’t be totally eliminated will be essential for the 2020 season to happen.

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