Landry Fields hates LeBron James’ face (VIDEOS)

Way to extract a measure of vengeance, Landry Fields. That'll teach LeBron James to summarily dominate the proceedings, averaging 27.8 points, 6.2 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game and posting a Player Efficiency Rating of 30 (remember, average is 15, so that's, like, real good) like some kind of big-shot while the rest of us nine-to-fiver nickel-and-dimers are unfairly oppressed into quietly scoring seven points per game and turning the ball over 21 percent of the time. It ain't right. Let's slap and smash!

It's like the old adage says: If you can't beat them — and clearly, the New York Knicks couldn't beat the Miami Heat on Wednesday night — then take out your frustrations on their faces. Or was it "then pretend to help them up and then walk away like a super cool guy?" I always have trouble remembering adages, to be honest.

Videos via VengefulxWarlord (duh) and KnicksHighlights16, respectively.

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