Lance Bass Loses Bet, Wears Joey Fatone's Wiener Costume on '$100,000 Pyramid'

Superfan TV

NSYNC band members Lance Bass and Joey Fatone made a bet during The $100,000 Pyramid that the loser of the first round had to wear a hot dog costume from Joey's hot dog restaurant, Fat Ones.

In the first round Joey beat Lance pretty soundly. Being a man of his word, Lance put on the wiener costume for everyone one to relish, and relish they did. But Lance was a good sport about all of the laughing, he even said "It's actually really comfortable, too. This might be my new look."

Donning his hot dog ensemble, Lance went on to have a pretty strong second round. But when the category "Things Associated With the Musical Hamilton" came up, things didn't go so well for Lance. He admitted, "I'm the only one that has not seen "Hamilton...Who can get tickets? I'm in a wiener costume, for God's sake."

Joey won both rounds and Lance's self worth went "Bye, bye, bye."

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