LaMarcus Aldridge and Robin Lopez would like you to buy a car (Video)

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The Portland Trail Blazers' surprisingly terrific 19-4 start has vaulted what figured to be a fringe contender for a playoff spot to the top of the Western Conference. As such, they're getting a lot more media attention, most of which has been fittingly positive. While two-time All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge and 2013 Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard have earned publicity in the past, the entire team has become a national story over these first few months of the season.

So, is it only a matter of time before we see notable Blazers in a national basketball ad? Well, if the most recent spot for the McLaughlin Auto Mall in Portland is any indication (via SLAM), then no. In the ad, Aldridge and his frontcourt mate Robin Lopez sing and mug their way through a series of questionable jokes to get Portlandians out to the lot to buy an automobile. If an ad only needs to be memorable to succeed, then this one does the job. If it needs to be good whatsoever, then it fails.

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Apparently Lopez has earned a reputation as a terrible singer in the team's locker room, as well. From Erik Gundersen for The Columbian:

Aldridge on the commercial with Lopez: “That was fun. First of all, he’s the worst singer I’ve ever been around.”

Aldridge made fun of Damian Lillard’s singing in the locker room last week after their win against Oklahoma City and he said that Lopez indeed takes the cake.

“He can’t get rhythms. We were trying to get him to do the part that I did and he couldn’t do it,” Aldridge said with a chuckle.

For the record, this is not just the opinion of people outside of the immediate Portland area. Why, just take a look at these very positive notices on the McLaughlin Auto Mall's Yelp page:

"Without a doubt the new McLaughlin Auto Mall commercial is the most annoying, rage inducing commercial ever created. Seriously I've considered filing charges against them for assault on my ears. The first round of audio horror wasn't enough. No, then McLaughlin decided to take me from behind and create an even worse commercial with LaMarcus Aldridge and Robin Lopez bumbling their way through the jingle of horror. And thank you KATU for enabling McLaughlin by overplaying these pieces of advertising sewage. Why would I ever want to buy a vehicle from them after this?" - Jason W.

"I will not go here smply [sic] because of the stupid commercial that puts me in a fit of rage and a frenzy to find the remote to turn it to another channel! It's overplayed, and just terrible. I Will never go here EVER, and I plan on spreading the word to everyone else I know to not go there as well, unless they change the commercial to something that doesn't make me want to rip my ears out of my head every time I hear it!!" - Kelsey W.

"This commercial is so awful, it ensures I will NEVER shop there. Good job, if that was the goal!" - Christine N.

"Will never, ever shop here because of your annoying commercial. I would rather pay $1,000 more at any other dealership than have to hear that AWFUL song one more damn time. I don't know what you idiots were thinking." - Jos P.

"Your commercial on KATU is obnoxious, overplayed and a cheap throw back to the 60's. I will not shop at your establishment because of this horrible commercial!" - Bee N.

Big success! Go Blazers!

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