LaMarcus Aldridge put a bird on a Portland jersey for Carrie Brownstein

Two weeks ago, we noted that Trail Blazers star LaMarcus Aldridge would be doing a guest spot on "Portlandia," the IFC sketch series that pokes fun at Rip City's particular brand of liberalism. It was a nice marriage of the city's current sports hero and its main contribution to contemporary popular culture.

However, it appears that Aldridge's relationship with the show goes beyond that one appearance. Carrie Brownstein, legendary musician and "Portlandia" co-creator/star, met up with Aldridge before last Thursday's home game against the Miami Heat. As you can see in the photo above, courtesy of the Blazers' official Twitter account, LMA presented Brownstein with a special jersey honoring the series' most famous sketch, "Put a Bird on It." It is entirely possible that this jersey is now the most Portland thing in the world. I have it on good authority that one biker who hangs out at Stumptown Roasters is willing to buy it for as many as nine carabiners.

After the jump, check out a close-up of the bird-festooned jersey from Brownstein herself.

Let's get the Blazers and Brownstein together for more Portland-centric bits like this one, please. I fully expect her to play guitar and sing backup for Raymond Felton on a fully updated version of "One More Hour" before the season's over.

(via Dime Magazine)

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