Lamar Jackson will watch tape of receiver prospects as part of Ravens' pre-draft process

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson will play a part in shaping the team's draft board, particularly in evaluating wide receivers.

Baltimore General Manager Eric DeCosta said he considers wide receiver one of the deepest position in this year's draft, and coach John Harbaugh said Jackson will watch tape of the prospects and let the team know how he thinks they would fit in Baltimore's offense.

"He looks at guys on tape. Lamar has never been shy about sharing his opinion about draft picks or free agents," Harbaugh said. "He hasn't weighed in quite yet, but he will."

The Ravens made a big investment in Jackson as their franchise quarterback last year, and part of their continuing investment is to surround him with players he thinks will help him succeed. The Ravens' draft picks will ultimately be DeCosta's decision, but Jackson will have a voice, and at the wide receiver position his voice will be heard loud and clear in the Ravens' draft room.