Lamar Jackson starstruck meeting Drew Brees, Brees’s son starstruck meeting Jackson

Michael David Smith
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

NFL players increasingly choose to sit out the Pro Bowl, but one of the reasons some players still participate is the opportunity to spend time with the colleagues they respect the most. For Drew Brees and Lamar Jackson, the mutual respect has been evident this Pro Bowl week.

Brees posted a picture on social media of his son wearing Ravens colors, with a message for Jackson.

“Lamar, my son Baylen is looking for you at Pro Bowl this week. You are his guy! He’s pumped to meet you,” Brees wrote.

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Jackson threw some passes to Brees’s son when they got together, and Jackson said it was his honor to spend some time with Brees.

“To be honest, I was kind of startled,” Jackson said. “I was choking on my words, like, Drew Brees is talking to me? This man’s the GOAT. But I was enjoying it. I’ve learned a lot watching him play.”

Jackson was born in 1997, Brees’s first year at Purdue. Jackson is closer in age to Baylen Brees than to Drew Brees. But at the Pro Bowl, where old stars meet young stars, they’re finding some common ground.

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